Monday, August 8, 2011

About Me

Well here we go! I'm mother of twin boys that are seven, a step-daughter thats eight and I just recently became a wife to a wonderful man by the name of Corey. Who is my soul mate, best friend, and just an all around amazing man.

All my life I have loved vintage and junk markets! I can remember as a child spending alot of my weekends watching my mother create and decorate our home. Has I have gotten older, I have found myself turning in to my mother. Although the 18 year old me would have died at that thought, I have found my self falling in love with the same things. Gardening, junk shops, party planning, and taking something thats unloved and making it new. I have new obsessions daily and love all different tastes.

A couple of weeks ago I was layed off from my job thus, giving me lots of time to be creative. Over the past years, I have had many thoughts and ideas that I have had locked away. So that is the reason for this blog. That way I dont have to keep them inside anymore!

As I look around me, I am surrouned by things I have found at junk shops or were given to us. Things like, my craft table that I bought for $30 at yard sale, down to the bird house at I bought for $1 (that I repainted myself) at the local auction. Hopefully, you can learn to look at things with a different set of eyes. Think of what it could be :)

This is our little place

This is where I like to be creative

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